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# License: AGPLv3 or later.
compiler = "CC"
standardCpp11 = "--std=c++11"
ifeq ($(compiler), "CC")
# gcc, g++, clang etc. follows double-dash '--' convention for non one
# character arguments but banshee CC uses single dash '-'
standardCpp11 = "-std=c++11"
CFC: auxiliary.o cfc.o driver.o general_functions.o libgenVal.a
$(compiler) $(standardCpp11) -o CFC *.o libgenVal.a
auxiliary.o: auxiliary.cpp general_functions.h
$(compiler) $(standardCpp11) -c auxiliary.cpp
cfc.o: cfc.cpp general_functions.h generateValue.h
$(compiler) $(standardCpp11) -c cfc.cpp
driver.o: driver.cpp auxiliary.h cfc.h
$(compiler) $(standardCpp11) -c driver.cpp
general_functions.o: general_functions.cpp
$(compiler) $(standardCpp11) -c general_functions.cpp
rm *.o