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# License: AGPLv3 or later.

NOTE: will not compile if libgenVal.a and generateValue.h are missing
NOTE 2: general_function.h & general_function.cpp files are carried from previous assignments and additional functions related to this assignment added.

Compile on banshee as:
$ gmake
$ gmake CFC
$ CC -std=c++11 -o CFC *.cpp libgenVal.a

Assumptions and program behaviour
int difference = Mint1 - Mint2;
both Mint have same modulus, otherwise, it would not make sense.
Plus In:
int difference = Melt2 - Melt2;
Both Mint and Melt, return an int even though usual expected return for operator-() is another object of same type. This is as per specification, Codeword expects an int return when calculating difference bewtween two objects of same type.

If user give number to Mint object higher than its modulus or less than 0 than Mint itself modulates it before storing in int number variable. So, number passed to Mint and returned by calling Mint.getNumber() function may not be same. NOTE: this is a hypothetical scenerio when someone else may use our written classes and functions as library. The program itself gives number which is within modulus range.

Error exit code list:
[For exact cause, see stderr]
1 - error related to arguments
2 - Program internal hypothetical errors which should never happen.
3 - Technically possible errors but which should not happen within the runtime of this program.