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Sugar Toolkit GTK3
Sugar Toolkit GTK3, or `sugar3`, is a toolkit for writing Sugar
activities in Python:
* write a `` which calls :class:`~sugar3.activity.bundlebuilder`,
* write an `activity/` file with metadata, see :class:`~sugar3.bundle`,
* write a class derived from :class:`~sugar3.activity.activity.Activity`,
* use the :class:`` module classes to build a user interface.
Optional modules include:
* use the :class:`~sugar3.profile` module to fetch user profile information,
* use the :class:`~sugar3.presence` module classes to implement sharing,
* use the :class:`~sugar3.logger` module for debug logging,
* use the :class:`` module for downloading data,
* use the :class:`~sugar3.speech` module for speech synthesis.
Indices and tables
* :ref:`Functions and classes <genindex>`
* :ref:`Modules <modindex>`
* :ref:`search`
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