Assignment 1 pdf and submitted solution files
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// License: AGPLv3 or later.

Compile on UOW Banshee server using either of the following command in terminal/shell:
$ make
$ CC -std=c++11 -o ABC driver.cpp abc.cpp general_functions.cpp

As per test on my machine using folowwing code, there is no memory leak:
$ valgrind --tool=memcheck ./ABC Students.txt Subjects.txt Teachers.txt Results.txt

However, there is leak when running bcheck on banshee. This could be because of bug in compiler CC.


Commenting explaning functions use and rational are in header files. Comments explaning implementation of functions are in cpp files.

Exit codes error list:
(Read standard error output to find the exact reason of errors.)
1 - Error related to arguments recived
2 - Error while reading file
3 - Error while processing subjects file lines string into subject structs
4 - Error while processing teachers file lines string into teacher structs
5 - Subject code in student's subject list or teacher's subject list is out of range (more than number of subjects)
6 - Error while writting results to output-file